Roxann Souci,  Abstract Artist
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Color intoxicates. Color elicits both a neural and psychological response. It evokes our memory, our instincts, our bodies, and all five senses. Color conveys relationships, tensions, contrasts, and emotional values. It is a means of expression. My intention with the colors I choose is to connect emotionally with the viewer. I want the art to induce a visceral response of beauty and joy.

After much experimentation, I developed a special formula using acrylic paint & medium. Working mainly with transparent and translucent colors, I apply layer upon layer of this mixture to create depth and intensity of color. This paint formula requires that I work on flat surfaces, rather than on easels. I usually paint without brushes, instead using a squeegee type tool. The results are a smooth application which avoids the appearance of traditional brush marks. The process of layering is integral to my work. It is the physical manifestation of my thoughts.

In my work, each painting begins with the color yellow. Yellow represents a stage in a process signifying new energy and the arrival of psychological wholeness and integration. Although not always visible in the completed work, the color yellow is the thread that flows through all of my paintings. In my art, I use yellow to embrace these different meanings and to express my philosophy of the complexity of life.