Roxann Souci,  Abstract Artist
Rose Garden IIIRose Garden IIRose Garden IYellow Pond Lilies IVYellow Pond Lilies IIIDahliasAsters by the Brookside IIAsters by the Brookside I - SOLDLover's Bouquet - SOLDYellow Pond Lilies IIYellow Pond Lilies ILes Pivoines (Peonies) - diptych $400 each panel, or $750 as diptychWater Garden
Les Fleurs
The Les Fleurs Collection was inspired by the beauty of flowers. Their exquisite colors and intoxicating fragrances are delightful. Most of the paintings in this collection are 7" x 5" to 16" x 10". The color palette for these pieces is bright and colorful, with a predominance of pink, orange, yellow, and turquoise. The paint marks are curved, suggesting flower petals and leaves.