Roxann Souci,  Abstract Artist
Turbulent Waters Sea Jewels Green ISea Jewels Green IISea Garden I - SOLDSea Garden IISea Garden IIIEmerald Pond Maine CoastSweetwaterOcean GardenSpring Brook - SOLDTropical Lagoon IITropical Waters I - SOLDTropical Waters II - SOLDSea Jewels I,II,III - SOLDEvening Tide II - SOLDSea Garden V, VI Diptych  - SOLDLate Summer Pond - SOLDWaterSongs I
SOLDWaterSongs Triptych
The WaterSongs Series was inspired by my longing to be close to bodies of water. I grew up in Maine, an area of New England where there is a luxury of lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, and the ocean. Through the WaterSongs Series, I wish to show the movement of water, its infinite shades of blue & green, and its ever-changing beauty. The predominant colors are turquoise, yellow, and green, and the strokes are curved to mimic water in motion.